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The most populated planet, center of the Republic
Moisture farms, sarlacc pit
Planetay core is water, kaduu, grassy plains
Nym's Stronghold, sulfur pools, volcanoes
Too small to be an effective demonstration, once housed a Rebel base
Home to the Wampa, snow and ice
Lava Beetles, mining outposts
Orange sand, many Jedi killed here
The battle here happened in the year 0 BBY
Provides Tabana gas
Death Star II destroyed here
Nearly always storming, covered in oceans
Covered in oceans, shared by two fish species
Mainly jungles, shares same name as a clan that is warlike and honor-bound
It's ship-building yards circled the planet for thousands of kilometers, builds ships for the Republic and later the Empire
This planet has a strong dark side aura, swampy, a force-user hid here
Kilometer high Wroshyr trees, wild and dangerous on the ground
The Varactyl are home to this planet, gaint sinkholes
Kolto, the Selkath homeworld
Commonly known as the Vertical City, little Coruscant, or the Smuggler's Moon
Bombarded by Sith thousands of years before SW: The Phantom Menace
Contains The Valley of the Dark Lords, dark side aura is strong here
A planet with four moons, one once close enough for some animals to fly from one to the other
A moon that was once close enough for some animals to fly from the planet to the moon, and vice versa, once had a Mandalorian base
Under fear of attack of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, a base was built here, led by Jedi Atris
A totally dark side corrupted planet destroyed completely a few thousand years before SW: The Phantom Menace, a final battle in the Mandalorian Wars
Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa's birthplace
The Zabrak home world
The Bright Lands and the Nightlands, homeworld of the Twi'lek
General Grievous's homeworld
This planet was destroyed by the Empire, shortly before the Battle of Yavin

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