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Forced Order
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When is his birthday?
What is his middle name?
What is his sign?
Who is his girlfriend?
What is their couple name?
How long have they been together?
How many sisters does he have?
What are their names?
What pet does he own?
What are the names of his pets?
What is his signature dance move?
Who is his best friend?
Who takes care of his pets?
What is his mums name?
What is his dads name?
What is his favorite color?
What color eyes does he like?
T/F He has one kidney
T/F He owns a hair straightner
What year did he first audition?
What super hero does he love?
What is his signature clothing?
Where is he from?
How tall is he?
What band is he in?
What is his favorite food?
T/F He does not remember when he lost his virginity
What two band members is he older than?
What song did he sing for his audition?
How far did he go the first time he was on X Factor?
What is he afraid of?
What did he and Louis do to make Harry cry?

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