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Eddie in A View from the Bridge Act 1?

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why does Eddie say he couldn't lift the chair at the end of Act 1?
What is Eddie's job?
what does Eddie think Catherine should not wear?
what is Eddies relation to Catherine?
What does Eddie try and teach Rodolpho?
Who asks Eddie to lift the chair?
How old is Eddie at the start of the play?
Eddie calls Catherine the ' ' type
Does Eddie like Rodolpho at first?
Does Eddie like Marco at first?
What is Eddie's relation to Beatrice?
Who does Eddie tell Catherine about to show her the importance of honour?
Why can't Eddie admit he loves Catherine?
What does Beatrice call Eddie when he says it's an honour to let Marco and Rodolfo stay?
Why doesn't Eddie want Catherine to start work?
Why does Eddie tell Rodolfo to stop singing?
Finish Eddie's quote 'If I could cook, if I could sing.....'
Eddie says 'Katie, he's only bowin' to '...........'
Finish Eddies's quote 'That's a hit and run guy, baby;................'
Finish Eddie's quote 'You marry him and..............'
how does Alfieri describe Eddie's eyes when Eddie speaks to him about Rodolfo?
Does Eddie manage to lift the chair at the end of act 1?
What does Eddie say when he first hears Catherine has a job?
Finish Eddie's quote 'I don't care who sees them goin' in and out....
What does Alfieri say Eddie 'never expected to have'
What does Eddie say when Catherine asks him what he has against Rodolfo?
What is Alfieri's avice to Eddie about Catherine
Complete the quote 'there is too much love for the daughter,....
Complete Eddie's quote 'I take the blankets off my bed for him, and he........
Complete Eddie's quote 'That's a nice kid?.....

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