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Name of lead vocalist
Name of first album (2003)
In 2006 Amy was opposed to Evanescence being identified as what type of band?
Name of DVD/CD Compilation album of 2004
In November 2005 Balsamo suffered a stroke, why?
What was their debut single?
How many copies of 'Fallen' have been sold worldwide?
Name of second album (2006)
What year did Ben Moody leave the band?
Name of their first full-length demo CD
HintAnswerExtra Info
How does Amy Lee Categorize Evanescence's musical style
Co-founder, original lead guitarist and songwriter
Who replaced Moody and is still part of the band today?
The song 'Lacrymosa' from 'The Open Door' was inspired by who?
Who was the song 'Hello' written for?
Where did Evanscence rank on the best artists of the decade chart?
How many grammy awards have they won?
Why did Moody leave the band?
Name of third album (2011)
Where was the band founded?

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