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Hi/ Bye (informal)
Good evening, good night, hello (after 7pm)
Good evening
Good night (farewell after dark)
What's up/ What's New/How's it going? (informal)
How's it going? (informal)
Fine (informal)
How are you? (formal)
How are you? (informal)
How are you?
How are you? (informal)
Are you well?
I'm doing well.
I'm doing very well.
I am well.
Things are going fine.
Yes, I'm fine.
Very well, thanks.
Not bad.
Not so well
Very bad
And you? (informal)
And you? (formal)
What's your name? (informal)
What's your name? (formal)
My name is
May I introduce myself?
This is my wife
This is my husband
Do you know Mr...?
I am Mrs...
And you are Mr...
May I sit here?
Is this seat free/ taken?
Have a nice day
I'm happy to meet you.
I'd like you to meet (formal)
I'd like you to meet (informal)
Pleased to meet you
Not much
See you tomorrow
See you (later today)
See you tomorrow
See you next week
See you Monday
Good luck!
See you soon
See you later
See you in a minute
See you later
See you tomorrow
Have a good weekend
Enjoy your holiday

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