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Do you know the lyrics to We The Kings' newest album, Somewhere Somehow?

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Come to my dreams daylight won't find us here were finally free free to go anywhere
So stop time right here in the moonlight cause I don't ever wanna close my eyes
I'll love you till our hearts go cold tonight we gonna get high or fall together
I wanna go back but I can't back down and you know me too well
Just take a breath and let it go
Let me take you back to when we first said goodbye
Lead this march for more our arrow flies our eagle dies but our voices rise
Make me your king you'll be the diamond I got the ring
I've gone numb but I can forget the feeling
You've got a tendency in taking all your clothes off
I feel the storm from a crazy night
Right before I bend I will have revenge
And all that we are is all that we need we promised forever

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