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'Gonna take my time and walk up on ya sexy little lady, tryin to get me started, work that body, hurt me when you shake it, you got you got, what i want i want,
'We done to much, we done to much {TITLE}...'THIS ONE MIGHT BE A LITTLE HARD
'You're gonna miss when im {TITLE}, you're gonna feel, what it feels like to be lonely alone...'
'Ima take you home with me, I got money in the bank, shawty whatcha think bout that, ill be in the gray cadillac...'
'I could write down the things I would say, search for the right words to sweep you away, but you might misunderstand, if you think it sounds planned...'
'Tonight, We’re living in the moment tonight, A toast to the homies tonight, The night keeps going, The music keeps flowing, And everybody’s feeling alright...'
'I don't wanna another pretty face, I don't want just anyone to hold, I don't want my love to go to waste...'EVERYONE SHOULD GET THIS ONE!
'You're too special for the club, no a girl like you need a private party. Ima make you fall in love, even though you know I really wanna work your body...'
'Nappy boy, pretty boy, collaboration, that thing you got behind you is amazing...'
'Sittin at my crib wit ma feet up, phone starts ringing, gettin blown up, got antoher show that put up, it never slows down...'

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