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Can you name the Disney Animated Classics, when given One of the Characters from the Film and the Year it was Releas?

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Date of ReleaseFilmCharacter in Film
February 1938Dopey
February 1940Jiminy Cricket
January 1942Yen Sid
October 1941Jumbo Jr
August 1942Thumper
February 1943José Carioca
February 1945Aurora Miranda
August 1946Peter
September 1947Bongo
May 1948Big Toot
October 1949Angus McBadger
March 1950Fairy Godmother
July 1951Mad Hatter
February 1953Captain Hook
June 1955Trusty
January 1959Princess Aurora
January 1961Cruella De Vil
Christmas Day 1963Arthur/Wart
October 1967Baloo
Date of ReleaseFilmCharacter in Film
Christmas Eve 1970Duchess
November 1973Sheriff of Nottingham
March 1977Tigger
June 1977Bernard
July 1981Copper
July 1985Horned King
July 1986Toby
November 1988Dodger
November 1989Sebastian
November 1990Cody
November 1991Belle
November 1992Jasmine
June 1994Scar
June 1995John Smith
June 1996Esmeralda
June 1997Zeus
June 1998Mushu
June 1999Clayton

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