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box-car chains
BCYE agar, Urinary Antigen TestFever, chills, non-productive cough, chest pain
Parrot Fever, hepatitispsittacosis
suffocation, bull neck, elek testtellurite medium
lancet-shaped, a-hemolytic, bile solubleQuellung reaction
strawberry tongue
polyribitol-phosphate capsulechocolate agar, satellite phenomenon
P1 adhesin, no cell wallEaton's media
Ziehn-Neelsen stain, Lowenstein-jensen mediumMycolic acid
club shaped rodsdiptheria AB toxin
Pertussischarcoal-blood agar
Spore-forming, gram + rodsEdema toxin, lethal toxin
Opportunistic infection, cystic fibrosisFomites, Biofilm, tissue damage
requires x and v factorspili
currant jelly sputum
Rusty sputumpolysaccharide capsule
b-hemolytic, Group A antigenpharyngitis, scarlet fever
obligate intracellular pathogen, EB, RBAtypical pneumonia
polysaccharide capsule, mucoid coloniesendotoxin
Gram (-) DiplococciEar Pain
acid-fast rods, survival in macrophageGhon complex
Water organism, no person to person trans.Biofilms
Blue-green colonies, fruity aroma, UV lightflu-like symptoms

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