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Actors NameCharacter Name
Chris Owens
John Neville
Jolie Jenkins
John Finn
Melinda McGraw
Scott Bellis
Zachary Ansley
Sheila Larken
James Riker/ Travis Riker
Mitch Pileggi
Steven Williams
Lauren Diewold
David Duchovny
Kirk B.R. Woller
Brian Thompson
Megan Leitch
Jeff Gulka
Steve Railsback
William B. Davis
Veronica Cartwright
Gillian Barber
Dean Haglund
Roy Thinnes
Rebecca Toolan
Robert Patrick
Arnie Walters
Cary Elwes
Nicholas Lea
Actors NameCharacter Name
Pat Skipper
Bruce Harwood
Lily Tomlin
Don S. Davis
Annabeth Gish
Charles Cioffi
Ed Asner
Jerry Hardin
Michael McKean
Lucy Lawless
Darin Morgan
Tom Braidwood
Karri Turner
Gillian Anderson
Vanessa Morley
Doug Hutchison
Nick Chinlund
Robert Wisden
Bill Dow
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman
Laurie Holden
Adam Baldwin
Peter Boyle
James Pickens Jr.
Brendan Beiser
Peter Donat
Mimi Rogers

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