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QUIZ: Can you name the characters based on a description of his/her TV death?

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shot in the back by Jack McCall; at least his body didn't go to Wu
killed himself with no 'simple explanation', a puzzle his boss couldn't solve
attacked by a helicopter...again
shot and killed by his own mother after traveling back in time
choked to death on her own vomit while Walt watched
murdered on a cruise ship, but brought back to life by her future boyfriend, Ned
gunned down by a corner kid named Kennard
murdered, setting off the series; we still don't know who did it. Thanks, AMC
hit by a T-shirt, shot from a cannon, at a racetrack, when Homer ducked
murdered by his 'uncle' Tony, immediately after rolling his Escalade
killed before the pilot, attracting Agent Cooper to town
murdered by her secret lover, Aaron Echolls
killed herself in the pilot, but that didn't stop her from talking about her friends
his plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan
heart attack, between seasons; the actor was murdered by his wife
firefighter, died in the towers on 9/11, but still talks to his cousin Tommy... a lot
dropped down an open elevator shaft outside McKenzie-Brackman
shot by Nina, she dies in her husband's arms; at least the future president was safe
killed by a sludge creature named Armus; also died trying to escape Romulus
murdered in her bathtub - Trinity's final revenge
poisoned by cheap envelopes
run over by a Zamboni, wearing a penguin costume
dressed as a peanut, a rogue elephant tried to shell him; Mary laughed at the funeral
killed by a drunk driver at 18th & Potomac
heart disease, his body rejected a transplant. Andy was upset
killed by Assistant Director Skinner, ending an attempt on Mulder's life
killed by a S.W.A.T. team; Leo was too late (he saved Piper, though)
suffers a brain hemorrhage while cheating on Brenda

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