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QUIZ: Can you name the Scary Movies in Other Words?

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Other WordsActual TitleYear Released
Morning of the Deceased1978, 2004
Ms. Clooney's Offspring1968
The Quietness of the Baby Sheep1991
Two Fortnights Afterward2002
The Glistening1980
October 31st1978
An Extreme Fear of Spiders1990
The Rattan Fella1973, 2006
Upstate NY Suburb Terror1978
The eternal resting place for Fido, Fluffy and Rex1989
Had Seen2004
Slaughter in the Lone Star with a Stihl1974, 2003
Hades Lifter1987
Really Bad Once Living, the Second1987
Supernatural Actions2007
The Devil Remover1973
Cheap European Hotel2005
Maize Whippersnappers1984
A Bad Dream on Ulmus Avenue1984, 2010

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