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Let's start with something simple, a red disc offset to the left on a green field.
Now change the field to white, and center the disc.
Open the disc into a large crescent, move it left, add a star to the right, and invert the color scheme.
Still with us? Okay, ditch the crescent, center the star, increase its size, and make it a black-bordered pentagram.
On second thought, change it back to a star, and make it gold--and bigger.
Now shrink the star, place it in the canton, and give it four smaller stars to its right.
So far, so good. Turn the canton blue and the stars white, and rearrange and resize them into a Southern Cross.
I like the cross, but let's move it to the fly side, add a bigger star to the bottom of the hoist side, turn the canton into a Union Jack, and change the field to blue.
Maybe ditch the largest and smallest stars, and fill them in with red.
I like that canton. Make it the entire flag.
Some of the crosses are wrong. Leave the St. George, but drop the St. Andrew and St. Patrick, make the field white, and add four Bolsini crosses to the corners instead.
Now drop the Bolsini crosses, invert the color scheme, darken the red, and change the remaining cross to a Nordic cross.
Lose the vertical arms of the cross and widen the horizontal bar slightly.
Keep widening that white bar until all three are even, and lighten the red a bit.
Make the bottom stripe pale blue--emphasis on the pale..
Better change that blue stripe to black.
Now add the Arabic text of the takbir in green to the middle.
Replace the text with two green stars.
No, better drop the stars altogether and make the bottom stripe blue.
You'll like this. Rotate the whole flag 90° clockwise.
And change the middle stripe to yellow.
Now make the left stripe green.
See those two rightmost stripes? Rotate them 90° clockwise.
Ok, bear with me. Flip the red with the green, and add a black star to the center of the hoist stripe.
Now shrink that entire hoist stripe until it's a canton, and color it white on blue. Extend the bottom stripe all the way across and make it red, and make the top stripe white.
That's not enough red and white stripes. Make it eleven, starting and ending with the red.
Maybe that's too many. Reduce it to nine, make the stripes pale blue, and change the canton to a white cross on pale blue.
Take off the top stripe, make the canton completely white, and add a Sun of May to it.
Let's drop it to three stripes and ditch the canton, but modify that sun and bring it right to the middle.
Now color that middle stripe the same as the rest, and stylize that sun into just a yellow disc, offset to the left.
Finally, make the disc red and the field green.

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