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What is the capital of the USA
What is the largest island of Japan
Name a country of the Benelux
What is the capital of Rwanda
Since which year is India independant
Which country recorded the heaviest earthquake ever
Who is the president of Iran
What is the official language of Benin
Which desert lies partly in Mongolia
What is the largest lake on earth
Which African country isn´t a member of the African Union*
Name a country of the Caucasus
Which is bigger: Singapore or Bahrain
What was the capital of Yugoslavia
What is the longest rivier of Oceania
Which famous island group belongs to Ecuador
What is the biggest city of Africa
Which city was erased by the famous Vesuvius Volcano
What is the capital of the Democratis Republic of the Congo
Name a country that claims part of Antarctica
Name a landlocked country of south east Asia
What is the largest settlement on Svalbard
The banks of which sea hold the lowest land spot on earth
How many capitals end in city
Which country is Bishkek the capital of

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