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Can you name the Writers of Family Guy so far (25-10-09)?

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Number of episodesWriterRemark
1Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows
1Family Gay
8Love Thy Trophy, And the Wiener Is...
1Ready, Willing, and Disabled
2Family Guy Viewer Mail #1 (Li'l Griffins)
5Death Is a Bitch, When You Wish Upon a Weinstein
4Deep Throats, Bango Was His Name, Oh!
1Fore Father
4Barely Legal, Padre de Familia
12The Thin White Line, Lois Kills Stewie
1Tales of a Third Grade Nothing
6Saving Private Brian, Boys Do Cry
3Screwed the Pooch
4Breaking Out Is Hard To Do, Airport '07
4Mind Over Murder, Running Mates
1Ready, Willing, and Disabled
2FOX-y Lady
3Emission Impossible
1Wasted Talent
2The Juice Is Loose
4Da Boom, E. Peterbus Unum
Number of episodesWriterRemark
2Stewie Kills Lois
6No Meals on Wheels, Patriot Games
1The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire
9Stewie Loves Lois, Family Goy
3The King is Dead
5Brian: Portrait of a Dog, Road to Rhode Island
2Don't Make Me Over
3(creator), Death Has A Shadow
1I Take Thee Quagmire
6Peterotica, 420
1Road to Europe
1Brian Sings and Swings
1I Dream of Jesus
9I Never Met The Dead Man, The Fat Guy Strangler
2One If by Clam, Two If by Sea
8Chitty Chitty Death Bang, Holy Crap
8Blue Harvest, Stew-Roids
4Untitled Griffin Family History
8A Hero Sits Next Door, Wasted Talent
8McStroke, Peter's Progress
1I Take thee Quagmire

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