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QUIZ: Can you name the fictional movie titles that are formed by two overlapping real movie titles?

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Fictional Movie DescriptionMashed-up Movie TitleReal Movie Titles
Five high school students meet in detention, have heart-to-heart discussions, and then beat each other up
Jodie Foster (or perhaps Lindsay Lohan) and Jason Voorhees trade bodies for one day
An assassin continuously relives the day in which he attempts to kill Charles de Gaulle
Mel Gibson finds himself able to hear the thoughts of vertically-challenged women
A cyborg takes on young children who can't play nicely together
A cyborg takes on self-aware Jacuzzis from the future
George Clooney and a band of primates attempt to pull off three heists in Europe
Simba helps Frodo destroy the one ring
A group of soldiers search all over Europe for Goldie Hawn
One man's melodious inner voice tells of Wapner and K-Mart
A janitor from Boston partners with two men to try to find gold buried in a cemetary
An elephant and a dimwit go on a cross-country adventure
An aging minor league baseball player's violence and temper destroy his life
A group of formerly merry men, dressed in green Spandex, debate the guilt of a man on trial for murder

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