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Network up to 8 Jaguars1997
One of the first products to use this license for something worthwhile1994
Race with Bentley Bear1995
They're not turtles, or teenagers... or ninjas1996
Don't even think of mentioning a toupee1995
Sequel to pack-in1995
Released 4 years after the Jaguar's retail life ended2000
Upgraded version of preceeding game2002
Also available on the Lynx1995
A laserdisc game that was never on a laserdisc1996
Updated version of 1976 Atari arcade game1996
Take off somebody's head on the gridiron, literally1994
Pilot's license, what for?1994
War, never been so much fun1995
Cartridge polygonal racer1994
Race through a house, watch out for the cat1994
Pack-in game1993
Updated version of 1980 Williams Electronics arcade game1996
Programmed by John Carmack1994
A 2D fighter instead of a beat-em-up1995
Started the laserdisc craze in the U.S.1995
Fighting game with a movie license1994
Known as The Humans or Dinolympics on other platforms1993
Known as Head-On ______ on other platforms1995
The Jaguar's only 3D fighting game1996
At one time the best selling French game of all time1995
Puzzler that uses tiles1995
Based on the cartoon, not the movies or television series1995
Pilot a hovercraft1995
CD version of previous game1995
Fight inside the internet1995
Port of a popular Amiga series1995
Pilot a 42 foot mech1994
Sequel to previous game1997
Special version of previous game1997
One character can shoot a fireball by lifting up his kilt1994
Developed to work with the virtual reality helmet1995
Port of the one-time best selling PC game1995
Port of an arcade sequel1996
Original Amiga game was a sequel to _______ Dreams1995
This game has an Atari 2600 game hidden inside it1995
Exclusive sequel to overhead racer with similar name1995
Port of a 1994 Atari Games arcade game1995
Port of a 1990 Seibu Kaihatsu arcade shoot-em up1993
Originally developed (but not finished) on the Super Nintendo1995
Exclusive pinball game1995
Another port of a laserdisc arcade game1996
The first of back-to-back motorcycle racing games1995
The second of back-to-back motorcycle racing games1995
The only RTT (real-time tactical) on the Jaguar1995
A Jeff Minter programmed update of a 1981 Atari arcade game1994
Bullfrog Productions' first simulation game1995
The Jaguar's only RPG (role-playing game)1996
The only launch title besides the pack-in1993
Also released on the Sega Genisis and the Super Nintendo1995
The only game developed to work with the voice modem1995
Named after an actual resort in France1994
Music video puzzle game1995
Based (loosely) on a 1992 basketball movie1995
Port of PC game that kicked off the first-person shooter1994
CD polygonal racer1997
Turn based strategy game1998
On-rails shooter1997
Play as the game's namesake or his female partner1994
Puzzle game ported to many systems1996

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