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Can you name the complete Atari 5200 library?

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Publisher's name is in the title1983
Parker Brothers space shooter1984
Developed by Lucasfilm Games1986
Originally developed for the Intellivision1983
Stern Electronics arcade port1983
Bally Midway arcade port1983
Sequel to the other 5200 Big Five Software title1984
Sega arcade port1983
Atari arcade port1982
Originally an Apple II game1984
Chase an ape not named Donkey Kong1983
A 5200 exclusive1982
Williams Electronics arcade port1982
Namco arcade port1983
Pilot a Novaray Hyperfighter1983
Original arcade game developed by Konami1983
Sequel to previous game1983
Prequel to Galaga1982
Midway Manufacturing arcade port1983
Last game developed by Atari for the 52001986
A 'tube shooter'1984
Play as Roderick...1984
On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the best...1984
Ride an ostrich1983
Originally called ______ King1983
CBS Electronics Berzerk clone1983
Defeat the Mad Bomber1984
Sun Electronics arcade port1983
Catch Harry Hooligan1984
Nintendo arcade port1983
Odd Activision shooter1983
The only 5200 game by Electra Concepts, but not the only product1983
One of only two Big Five Software titles for the 52001983
Protect six California cities1982
Is that Pitfall Harry? No it's...1984
Irem arcade port1983
Find the Golden Crown1983
Universal arcade port1984
Midway sequel to Namco arcade game1983
Game that previous game was a sequel to1982
Watch out for the Sno-Bees1983
A David Crane classic1984
This version has a special second quest1984
Arcade racer that had a Saturday morning cartoon1983
Eat your spinach1983
What the '!#?'1983
Shouldn't there be a U somewhere...1982
The only 5200 game developed by Sunrise Software1984
A sport that is real1982
Another sport that is real1982
A third sport that is real1982
Another one?1982
Lucasfilm Games developed this for the 5200 and the 8-bit family1986
Created by Carol Shaw1983
The first of two games that came with a special dual controller holder1983
The second of two games that came with a special controller holder1983
Unlike the 2600 version, no simultaneous 2 player action1982
Subtitled A Journey Into Space1983
Used the keypad to great effect1982
That's no moon...1983's a space station.1983
Really needs a rotary controller1982
Horizontally-scrolling helicopter shooter1983
Shoot in 4 different directions1983
Fight Burwors, Garwors, and Thor... well you get the point1983
Isometric shooter1984
Strategy game using mazes1984
Arcade space shooter1984

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