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Can you name the owls or owl related things?

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Smallest Owl Species
Largest Owl Species
Collective name for a group of Owls
The regurgitated remains of an owl's meal
Goddess whose symbol was an owl
A person who stays up too late
Album by the band Rush that featured an owl on the cover
Boy whose animal friends included Owl, Piglet, and Rabbit
Pennsylvania university whose sports teams are the Owls
OWL to Scrabble players
Muppet who told Ernie to 'Put Down the Duckie (if you want to play the Saxophone)'
Owls are also used as messengers in this T. H. White novel
Owls seem to have replaced these birds on the TV show Futurama
Mechanical owl in 'Clash of the Titans' (Also the horned owl genus)
A creature from the D&D Monster Manual with a special attack 'Hug'
Harry Potter's owl
Owl in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe
Mr. Owl finds that it takes 3 licks to get to the center of one of these
The evolution of the Pokemon Hoothoot
Owl who said 'Give a hoot - don't pollute'
Tacky restaurant known for its wings
Internet reply (accompanied by an owl picture) to an obvious lie or other dumb statement
Potato chip brand with an owl logo
Accompanied the owl in a pea-green boat
Movie to be released in September, 2010: Legend of the ____ based on the book series ____ of Ga'Hoole

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