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Can you name the Word that is also a bird?

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Hint for the word.Word / BirdAbout the bird.
Quick. Drool for bird's nest soup.
Person who is easily tricked or cheated.Common bird at the beach.
High reaching construction equipment.One whoops.
Plunged.They like olives?
Sometimes hobbyist.Bottoms up duck.
Harmless bit of mischief.One was a classic Buick.
Colorful clown.Painted duck.
To complain.A game bird.
Tied rope.A small wader.
One who tells on.A shorebird.
Tool for removing debris from water.Lower mandible is longer than upper.
Gazehound.Desert ground runners.
Fishing boot.Order also called Shorebirds.
Homer's middle name.One plays in Toronto.
Hint for the word.Word / BirdAbout the bird.
Popular Christmas ballet.Eats pine seeds.
To ingest.They come back to Capistrano.
Breast.One is a mouse.
Breast.One has notable feet.
One who makes baskets.Noted for hanging nests.
To have a little conversation.Half of the Old World Fly-Catchers
Cloth for making flags.One is indigo.
Train track.One is Virginia.
One of a pair of tall walking sticks.Very long-legged.
Aurthur's magician.Also known as a Pigeon Hawk.
Pasttime.A small species in the Falcon genus.
Toy used on windy days.Carrion eating hawk relative.
Cross country runner.A VTOL jet is named for it.
Grumpy old man.Pouldeau (water hen) in Cajun

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