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a list of pages or resources available on a website
finding your way around a website, e.g. forward and back buttons
portable document format
text that can be clicked on and acts as a link
part of html that make it valiable
internet service provider
local area network (e.g. within a building or University area)
wide area network
virtual private network (a type of tunnel through the internet)
a display of your work in a digital format
audio (mp3, wma) video (mpeg4, wmv)
a collection of webpages
the use of + - “” to reduce the number of results
software for viewing webpages
a networks of networks
a computer that acts as a host on a network
program used by search engines to find new webpages/sites and index them
hyper text mark up language – the code for writing webpages
computers linked together
cables that carry message as light pulses
applications that work inside your browser (e.g flash player)
website that search webpages based on key terms
the tag that creates links
anything file or program that is compatible across different types of system/computer.
internet connections faster than the old dial-up of 56kbps

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