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RevolutionaryArgentinian (1928-1967)
Author (Hitchhiker's Guide Series)British (1952-2001)
Playwright (The Crucible)American (1915-2005)
Martial ArtistChinese (1940-1973)
Animator (Family Guy, American Dad)American (1973--)
Comedy Actor/Writer (The Office, Extras)British (1961--)
Biologist/Author (The God Delusion)British (1941--)
Actor (The Matrix)American (1964--)
Philosopher/Linguist/AnarchistAmerican (1928--)
Former Prime Minister (1976-1979)British (1912-2005)
Guitarist (Muse)British (1978--)
Political Theorist (The Communist Manifesto)German (1818-1883)
Comedian (Seven Dirty Words)American (1937-2008)
Musicians (Oasis)British (1967-- & 1972--)
Comedian (8 Out Of 10 Cats)British (1972--)
Actor (Harry Potter)British (1989--)
Actress (The Silence Of The Lambs)American (1962--)
Philosopher (Existentialist)French (1905-1980)
Actress (Love Among The Ruins)American (1907-2003)
Actor (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)American (1933--)
Politician (Team America)Korean (1941--)
Film Director and Comedian (Sleeper)American (1935--)
Entertainer (Sirius XM)American (1954--)
Entrepreneur (Facebook)American (1984--)
Actor (Burn After Reading)American (1953--)
Actress (The Queen)British (1945--)
Musician (Roxy Music)British (1948--)
Musician (It's Oh So Quiet)Icelandic (1965--)
Philosopher (Beyond Good and Evil)German (1844-1900)
Singer (Pearl Jam)American (1964--)
Actor (Apollo 13)American (1958--)
Guitarist (Pink Floyd)British (1946--)
Football Manager (Nottingham Forest)British (1935-2004)
Silent Actor (The Great Dictator)British (1889-1977)
Film Director (Avatar)Canadian (1954--)
Author (A Series of Unfortunate Events)American (1970--)
Naturalist (Wildlife on One)British (1926--)
Actor (Fight Club)American (1963--)
Television Writer (60 Minutes)American (1919--)
Actor (Doctor Who)British (1964--)
Poet (Current Poet Laureate)British (1955--)
Illusionist (Trick of the Mind)British (1971--)
Cyclist (Tour de France Winner)American (1971--)
Author (Vanity Fair Magazine)British (1949--)
Politician (Communist Party of the Soviet Union)Russian (1878-1953)
Author (Foundation series)Russian-born American (1920-1992)
Author (1984, Animal Farm)British (1903-1950)
Musician (The Cure)British (1959--)
Actor (Lord of the Rings, X-Men)British (1939--)
Publisher (Hustler)American (1942--)
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