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Kids finds a mummy1997
Dog psychiatrist tries to solve a wealthy man's murder1998
Kids compete in rollerblading competitions1998
At grandma's house, it's always Halloween1998
In the future, a girl lives in a space station1999
Troubled youth invites aliens to Earth for help1999
Young boy turns into a merman1999
Corrupt high-tech house1999
Boy goes from surfing to snowboarding1999
Brilliant young boy reinvents himself as a 'bad boy'1999
Reluctant girl thwarts a boogeyman with the help of an imaginary friend1999
Starring the Lawrence Brothers; a rich young man helps on his cousin's ranch1999
Boy in a family of superheroes deals with his lack of powers2000
Two girls become friends despite racial differences2000
A jock helps misfits win a bowling tournament2000
A young girl surfs to cope with her mother's death2000
Frankie Muniz plays a handicapped boy who races soapbox2000
Teenage girls' mother engaged to an alien2000
A talking racehorse runs faster when he listens to music2000
Five siblings2000
Andy Lawrence clones himself2000
Mom's dinner guest is supernatural2000
A mysterious figure haunts a movie theater2000
Snow in Los Angeles2000
Girl of the future encounters aliens2001
A girl disguises herself as a boy to ride motorcycles2001
Teenaged leprechaun2001
Tahj Mowry accidentally steals a prized show dog2001
Famous tv star switches lives with his superspy character2001
Family adopts a monkey who speaks sign language2001
The Lawrence Brothers become stranded on an island2001
Sequel; a dark warlock steal the power of a magical town2001
A conman ends up driving Santa's sleigh2001
Twin girl basketball players2002
Hilary Duff goes to military school2002
Shia LaBeouf plays a retarded boy; his sister makes a documentary2002
Lindsay Lohan solves mysteries2002
'Si, se puede!'2002
A girl talks to dolphins; grandpa has cancer2002
Siblings help a group of ghost hunters2002
AJ Trauth wishes away his little brother, Spencer Breslin2003
Two sisters are racecar drivers2003
Shia LaBeouf and Christy Carlson Romano2003
Boy must between choose baseball and baking2003
Raven leads a group of teenaged singers2003
Jewish kids play basketball2003
Animated; a girl hero travels through time2003
'A holographic rock star!'2004
A blind kid takes up wrestling2004
Sequel; girl of the future goes to the moon2004
Two teenaged girls steal a male pop star's phone2004
Hayden Panettiere; September 11th2004
Sequel; young witch leaves the mortal world for high school2004
Ricky Ullman plays a young magician2005
A young boy tries to preserve Navajo traditions2005
Animated; sequel; a girl hero tries to perfect her social life2005
A girl juggles figure skating and ice hockey2005
Kyle Massey finds a show dog and enters a contest2005
Animated; Kyla Pratt visits a remote island2005
Tia and Tamera Mowry have magic powers2005
Basketball meets musical theatre2006
Aly and AJ work at a dairy company2006
Brenda Song learns karate2006
Girl's journal becomes a bestseller2006
Raven and her girl group go to Spain2006
Sequel; magical girl goes to Witch University2006
Corbin Bleu takes up double dutch2007
Sequel; from snowboarding back to surfing2007
Sequel; singing teens get summer jobs2007
Sequel; Tia and Tamera Mowry2007
High school students travel through time2008
Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers2008
A girl group travels the world without Raven2008
Emily Osment saves her father, a famous author2009
Boy gains confidence in a chicken suit2009
Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez2009
Based on the series; Selena Gomez2009

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