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Can you name the three-word answers in which the first two words are the same?

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Pre-schooler's term for a locomotive engine
This 2009 hit song by The Black Eyed Peas was actually their first #1 pop hit.
Robert Van Winkle's famous hip hop song. Too cold.
Egyptian diplomat who was UN Secretary-General from 1992 to 1996
The first US #1 hit for UB40, it was written 20 years earlier by Neil Diamond.
The catch phrase of Dr. Claw's arch nemesis
Milton Bradley game about feeding four large mammals
Her sister Eva starred in “Green Acres”, but this Hungarian-born beauty/actress of the 50s & 60s was the first celebrity to be called “famous just for being famous”
Childhood nickname for the son of the 1961-63 US President. He grew up to be 'The World's Sexiest Man'
'A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be' in this song from Mary Poppins
This 1925 musical-comedy introduced two still well-remembered songs: 'Tea For Two' and 'I Want To Be Happy'
1960 musical featuring the song 'The Telephone Hour', which parodied Elvis' army induction
A 1965-69 television show, a 1999 Will Smith film, or a 1988 song by Kool Moe Dee
“Interrupting cow who?” is the second response in a well-known example of this humor style
Low-heel, knee-high footwear, popularized by female 1960's discotheque dancers
Phrase used in accepting a final bid in an auction. Also used in describing a home run in baseball
The first Puerto Rican golfer inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame
John Rzeznik leads this Buffalo, NY band, who are best known for 1-word song titles like 'Name', 'Slide', 'Iris' & 'Broadway'
This assortment of Chinese finger foods tastes much better than it sounds
Getting there is simple: Second star to the right and straight on til morning
If you're sitting in a circle with a bunch of kindergartners, and one of them is running around the group tapping people on the head, chances are you're playing this game
Mariah Carey's 'Fantasy' sampled 'Genius of Love' by this band, which included members of Talking Heads.
Some schools use this choreography-based video game as part of a routine physical education class.
1952-60 military conflict that set Kenyan anti-colonists against the British Army, leading to a Kenyan civil war
It's the original 'up the river' place of incarceration
This 1989 song followed-up 'Do the Bartman' as the second music video by The Simpsons.
Richard Pryor's life was calling as this title character in a 1986 semi-autobiographical film
Me so annoying in Star Wars Episode 1!
All holes are par 2 in this trademarked miniature version of a popular sport.
Fiona's parents rule over this kingdom in the 'Shrek' series
She was Pres. Clinton's first press secretary, before becoming a consultant to 'The West Wing' and writing the bestseller 'Why Women Should Rule The World'
The title track of The Beatles first UK album and their first US single. Lennon said the tune was inspired by Roy Orbison's 'Only The Lonely'

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