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Forced Order
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What town do they live in?
What school do they go to?
Who is the dead girl?
What grade did Ali and the other four girls become friends? Put a space after your answer or spell it out
Name of girl who was a loner before becoming friends with Alison?
Who is on the swim team?
The girl who is obsessed with fashion?
Who is the smartest of the girls?
What is Ali's Brothers name?
Where was the last place Ali was seen by all four girls?
What sport did Spencer and Ali compete at?
What is the name of the teacher that Aria is involved with?
What Subject does he ^ teach?
The mysterious messages that the girls get are signed what?Put a space after your answer
Who receives the first mysterious message?
What is Hanna's secret from the past?
Spencer's past secret?
Emily's past secret?
Aria's past secret?
What is wrong with Jenna?
Who became the new it girls after Ali went missing?
In 6th grade what was mona never seen without?
Who is the neighborhood creep?
Who calls there parents by their first names?
How many years is it between Ali's disappearance and the discovery of he body?Put a space again or spell it out

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