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'He's dying, she's crying, what the ****!'
the gauntlet lll 
'it's not about who I can beat, it's about who I can beat easiest'
the gauntlet ll 
'Paula and Mike are like that weird couple that met on the internet, not sure what their bio's said, or what they see in each other, but it works.'
'Name That Coconut isn't a trivia game, it's a fight...who wants the coconut, do I want the coconut, do you want the coconut? Basically...I want the ******* coconut.'
the gauntlet ll 
'Don't laugh at me when I have a ******* plunger in my ******* bed, EVER!'
the ruins 
'The Gray team is not known for making the best strategic decisions, and today is a perfect example of that. Dan is even more afraid of heights than Paula and Luke has the reach of
'I will smash his head and eat it!'
the duel ll 
'I don't wrestle, I f*cking beat bitches up!'
the inferno 
'At this point, I'm pretty sure that she's not thinking about the challenge, she's thinking about probably shopping at Bloomingdale's and having a caramel macchiato from Starbuck's
the inferno lll 
'See you mother ****ers in the Gulag'
'Obviously it would be an unfair advantage for one team to see the other's strategy, so this gives TJ a chance to use the word 'sequestered.'
the gauntlet ll 
'Otherwise known as Babe'
the duel ll 
'These two weird bastards have found each other'
' Svetlana pulls out the most insane vote of all time, Osama Beth Laden vs. the Russian Wonder.'
the duel 1 
On the Inferno i went home im going home 2nd. Next Time, im going home 3rd
the gauntlet ll 
'I really think I'm a fantastic speller. F-A-N... tastic.'
the duel ll 
'C'mon Jeff, you tried out for the Navy Seals. I'm the girl who played the tuba and wore headgear and I have fake boobs. Let's go!'
fresh meat ll 
Get your muddy *** out of my weave
'Johnny Bananas... he's got a sexy body, eventhough he's an *** and everybody hates him. I would marry him. I love you Johnny Bananas.'
'Evan's still the same, except he looks pregnant now.'

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