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Can you name the rw/rr challenge battle of the exes?

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hooked up on cutthroat with a rookie
RW: Key West 
oldest person in the house
RR: USA First Adventure 
her partners mouth gets him in trouble a lot
Fresh Meat II 
lost before the final in rivals
RW: Paris 
has a baby boy
RW: San Diego 
party girl
RW: San Diego (2011) 
one of 2 left on the blue team on cutthroat in the final
RW: Washington DC 
never made it to a final
RW: Denver 
on cuttroat her team hated her
Spring Break Challenge 
hooked up with Freash Meat partner
RW: Brooklyn 
won the most eliminations in challenge history
RW: Austin 
won cutthroat
RW: Sydney 
went home 2nd on his first challenge and 3rd on his second challenge
Fresh Meat ll 
finally won her first cahllenge on rivals
RW: Key West 
lost to Paula twice
RW: Chicago 
his girlfriend found out about his secret on their season
RW: Las Vegas (2011) 
went home first on their first challnge
Fresh Meat ll 
made it to the finals on their first cahllenge
RW: Las Vegas (2011) 
has homemade tattos
RR: South Pacific  
hooked up with Aneesa and Jenn on the same challenge
RR: Campus Crawl 
was okay with her partner hooking up with her and other people
RW: Las Vegas (2011) 
had cancer on the duel
Fresh Meat 
gased out on cutthroat
RW: Washington DC 
this is her first challenge
RW: Las Vegas 
his face is always red
RW: San Diego (2011) 
punched a mirror on rivals
RW: Cancun 

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