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Who is the oldest Kardashian sister?
Which of Bruces' children stars in the hills?
Where is Scott originally from?
Who was robs famous girlfriend?
Who is Khloe married to?
Who is younger Kendall or Kylie?
What is Kourtneys baby called?
Whats the name of the girl band that Kris manages?
What is Kims middle name?
who did Kim used to be married to?
What is the name of the sisters' clothing shop?
what is the name of the sisters baby clothing shop?
finish the tv show name: 'Kourtney and Khloe take ...
what was Bruce famous for when he was younger?
What was Robert Kardashian's (senior) profession?
Which of the kardashians got aressted for drink driving?
Which basketball team does Lemar play for?
What is khloes radio show called?
Where is the main Kardashian household situated?
What heritage are the Kardashians?

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