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Can you name the video games beginning with each letter of the alphabet?

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AAltaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Desmond Miles
BJade, Pey'j
CMagus, Lavos
DDante, Mundus
EQueen Slug-for-a-Butt, Princess What's-Her-Name
FRamza Beoulve, Delita Hyral
GGilius Thunderhead, Tyris Flare
HMaster Chief, Cortana
IPopo, Nana
JBeat, DJ Professor K
KJago, TJ Combo
LMaster Yi the Wuju Bladesman, Morgana the Fallen Angel
MZero, Spark Mandrill
NRyu Hayabusa, Irene Lew
OAmaterasu, Issun
PCaptain Olimar, Emperor Bulbax
QCoily, Wrong Way
RRecette Lemongrass, Tear
SHarry Mason, Cybil Bennett
TCaptain Ash, Harry Tripper
UOthello, Xan Kriegor
VCaptain Viridian, Violet
WBolvar Fordragon, Hogger
XKOS-MOS, Shion Uzuki
YKazuma Kiryu, Akira Nishiki
ZLeo Stenbuck, Celvice Klein

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