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Can you name the games from which the following planets originate?

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Aegis VIILocation: The Cygnus system, Points of Interest: CEC Mining Colony
Big BluePoints of Interest: Drift Highway, Surface: 99% covered by water
ChironInhabitants: Deirdre Skye, Location: The Alpha Centauri star system
ClancerInhabitants: Teran, Points of Interest: Mt. Snow
CorneriaInhabitants: James McCloud, Location: The Lylat system
E.D.N. IIIInhabitants: Wayne Holden, Surface: Mostly covered by snow
FerosLocation: The Theseus System, Points of Interest: Zhu's Hope
HillysInhabitants: Jade, Moon: Selene
HocotateInhabitants: Olimar, Louie
Home PlanetInhabitants: The Prince of All Cosmos, Location: Near Earth and the Space Mushroom
KerwanInhabitants: Captain Qwark, Location: The Solana Galaxy
ManaanPoints of Interest: Ahto City, Surface: Covered entirely by water
Mar SaraLocation: The Sara System, Points of Interest: Backwater Gulch
Na PaliInhabitants: The Nali, Resources: Tarydium
NorrathPoints of Interest: Freeport, Qeynos
PalmaInhabitants: Alis Landale, Location: The Algol star system
PandorraPoints of Interest: Fyrestone, New Haven
Planet BomberPoints of Interest: Bomber Base, Sea of Trees
Planet of TrialsInhabitants: Green Lumas, Location: Orbiting the Comet Observatory
Pop StarInhabitants: King Dedede, Points of Interest: Green Greens
RoakInhabitants: Roddick Farrence, Location: The Theta Sector
RosaInhabitants: Jaster Rogue, Location: The Wilherser System
Second MiltiaInhabitants: Jin Uzuki, Points of Interest: U.M.N. Headquarters
SeraInhabitants: Marcus Fenix, Points of Interest: Jacinto Plateau
ZebesPoints of Interest: Brinstar, Norfair

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