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Angel IslandInhabitants: Knuckles the Echidna, Points of Interest: Marble Garden Zone
Besaid IslandInhabitants: Wakka, Points of Interest: Besaid Temple
Cinnabar IslandInhabitants: Blaine, Location: South of Pallet Town
Colony IslandLocation: Borough of Algonquin, Humboldt River
Crocodile IsleInhabitants: King K. Rool. Points of Interest: Krazy Kremland
Destiny IslandsInhabitants: Sora, Riku
DiademInhabitants: Gibari, Points of Interest: Cloud Passage
DipanInhabitants: Barbarossa, Location: Northeastern Midgard
Isle DelfinoPoints of Interest: Pinna Park, Corona Mountain
MarbuleInhabitants: The Black Dragon, Location: East of Water Dragon Isle
Mêlée IslandInhabitants: Elaine Marley, Points of Interest: The Fantastic Flying Fettucini Brothers Circus
Misty IslandLocation: Off the coast of Sandover Village, Points of Interest: Dark Eco Silo
MystInhabitants: Sirrus, Achenar
N. Sanity IslandInhabitants: Papu Papu, Points of Interest: The Great Gate
Oni IslandInhabitants: Ninetails, Location: Near North Ryoshima Coast
Outset IslandInhabitants: Link, Points of Interest:Forest of Fairies
PanauInhabitants: Baby Panay, Points of Interest: Berawan Besar Mountains
Shadow MosesLocation: The Aleutian Islands, Points of interest: Nuclear warhead storage building
Tatsumi Port IslandPoints of Interest: Gekkoukan High School, Paulownia Mall
The IslandsPoints of Interest: Sensei's Lost Castle, The Terrible Oni's Volcano
The Isle of SpearsLocation: Howling Fjord, Points of Interest:Kamagua
The Zombie Island of Dr. NedPoints of Interest: Hallow's End, Generally Hospital
Timber's IslandInhabitants: Taj the Genie, Points of Interest: Dino Domain
Treasure Trove CoveInhabitants: Nipper, Points of Interest: The Sandcastle
Valor IslandLocation: South of Lycia, Points of Interest: The Dragon's Gate
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