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Can you name the video games in which these cities appear?

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CityFirst AppearanceHint
CaelondiaInhabitants: Rucks, Points of Interest: The Hanging Gardens
City 17Location: Eastern Europe, Points of Interest: The Citadel
El MarrowInhabitants: Hector LeMans, Points of Interest: Department of Death headquarters
FoursideLocation: Eagleland, Points of Interest: The Monotoli Building
Goron CityInhabitants: Darunia, Location: Death Mountain
KagutsuchiInhabitants: Bang Shishigami, Taokaka
Leá MondePoints of Interest: Limestone Quarry, The Temple of Kiltia
Los SantosInhabitants: Carl Johnson, Frank Tenpenny
MarcuriaLocation: Ayrede, Points of Interest: The Temple of the Balance
Mesa CityLocation: Utah, Points of Interest: Boneyard Casino
Metro CityInhabitants: Cody Travers, Mike Haggar
MidgarPoints of Interest: Shinra Headquarters, The 7th Heaven
Mute CityPoints of Interest: Sonic Oval, Twist Road
OrzammarLocation: North-Western Ferelden, Points of Interest: Orzammar Hall of Heroes
Pacific CityPoints of Interest: The Agency Tower, Unity Heights
Paradise CityPoints of Interest: Crystal Summit Observatory, Waterfront Plaza
Picture CityPoints of Interest: Eraser Plains, Space Mama's Crater
Raccoon CityLocation: Mid-western United States, Points of Interest: Raccoon University
RaptureLocation: The North Atlantic Ocean, Inhabitants: Andrew Ryan
Saffron CityInhabitants: Sabrina, Points of Interest: Silph Co. headquarters
Santa DestroyInhabitants: Travis Touchdown, Location: California
StilwaterInhabitants: Johnny Gat, Points of Interest: The Phillips Building
SolitudeInhabitants: Elisif the Fair, Location: Haafingar
TruceInhabitants: Crono, Location: Near Guardia Castle
ZaphiasInhabitants: Estelle, Yuri Lowell

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