Video Game Famous Foursomes

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Can you name the members of the video game foursomes?

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Characters in the original F-Zero
Super Monkey Ball characters
Final four opponents in Street Fighter II
Dragon/Flying Pokemon (Gen. 1-4)
Playable survivors in Left 4 Dead
Star Fox team (Star Fox 64)
Playable characters in Sonic Advance
Playable characters in Borderlands
Team Fortress 2 classes that can use a shotgun
Darkstalkers characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Beauty and the Beast Unit (Metal Gear Solid 4)
Playable characters in Super Mario Bros. 2
Party members in Earthbound
Party members in Golden Sun
Main characters in Heavy Rain
Unlockable characters in Mario Kart DS
Playable characters in Final Fantasy VI whose names begin with 'S'
Playable characters in The World Ends with You
Playable Kongs in the Donkey Kong Country series (DKC 1-3)
Female party members in Tales of Symphonia

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