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Last NamesFirst NameGames
Irving, Reed
Syameimaru, Brea
Tenpenny, West
Rascalov, Lousteau
Wily, Wesker
Hanekoma, Furukawa
Koopa, Butz
Prower, Edgeworth
Sunderland, McCloud
Mercer, Kidd
Pollendina, Highwind
Amamiya, Konishi
Rose, Sorel
Tiger, Kong
Drake, Hale
Riot, Williams
Last NamesFirst NameGames
Kane, Hatcher
Sullivan, von Gerdenheim
Riggs, Knox
Hazuki, Sakazaki
Ushiromiya, Traydor
Kawasumi, Shiranui
Sonozaki, Uzuki
Hyuga, Lowell
Clarke, Kleiner
Kerrigan, Bryant
Steel, Stone
Kazama, Kisaragi
Masters, Amada
Jones, Haggar
Abend, Belmont
Powalski, Kennedy

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