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First world in Super Mario 64Futuristic FPS by Digital Illusions CE
Megami Tensei series mascotMega Man X4 boss
Musical instrument played by LinkRail shooter series by Namco
RPG set in ShibuyaTellah famously says this to Edward in Final Fantasy IV
What happen?Games in this Hudson Soft series include World, Jetters, and Live
FPS by CroteamMain character of the Splinter Cell series
Omnislash, for exampleSuper Smash Bros. minigame
Bosses in this game include Mike Tyson and KraidgiefMain character of the Monkey Island series
Metal Gear Solid bossFox McCloud's rival
BlazBlue characterLt. Surge's gym is found here
The King does this at the end of each Katamari Damacy levelTrack appearing in every Mario Kart game
Descendant of Altair and EzioTails's real name
Setting of Grand Theft Auto IVHalf-Life 2 begins in this location
Each Suikoden game has 108 of themWobbuffet can use this to try to take his opopnent down with him
Yoshi made his debut in this gameMost-subscribed MMORPG of all time
Song featured in Donkey Kong Country 2 and Super Smash Bros. BrawlCastlevania subtitle
Game starring Bill, Louis, Zoey, Francis, and a lot of zombiesGame starring Frank West and a lot of zombies
Strategy RPG series published by SegaThe Scout recieves this weapon after obtaining 11 achievments
Fighting game series featuring Sol Badguy and Ky KiskeThird-person shooter featuring Marcus Fenix
Pilot of the Mighty Hurricane in F-Zero XWeapon wielded by Cloud Strife and Zack Fair
Top Man's weakness in Mega Man 3Kirby can swallow him to become Fighter Kirby
Subtitle of the sequel to Fire Emblem: Path of RadianceSubtitle of the sequel to Tales of Symphonia
To do one, press Z or R twiceRock's spotter in Maga Man Legends
A perfect game in Mortal KombatSami's Super CO Power in Advance Wars 2

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