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How many hidden characters are in Super Smash Bros. Melee?A) 11, B) 12, C) 13, D) 14
Which character from the Kirby series makes a cameo in the background of the N64 Dream Land stage?A) Dyna Blade, B) King Dedede, C) Kracko, D) Meta Knight
When using Mr. Game & Watch's 'Judge' attack, which number can freeze opponents?A) 5, B) 6, C) 7, D) 8
Which character does the player face last in Brawl's All-Star mode?A) Mario, B) Mr. Game & Watch, C) Olimar, D) Pit
In the original Super Smash Bros., who is the only character that can move while carrying a crate?A) Donkey Kong, B) Mario, C) Ness, D) Samus
In what year was Super Smash Bros. Melee released in North America?A) 2000, B) 2001, C) 2002, D) 2003
Which of the following is not a mode in Special Melee?A) Invisible Melee, B) Lightning Melee, C) Metal Melee, D) Tiny Melee
On which stage in Brawl can the song 'Tetris: Type A' be heard?A) Flat Zone 2, B) Luigi's Mansion, C) Norfair, D) Wario Ware, Inc.
How many enemies are on the Fighting Polygon Team in the N64 game's single-player mode?A) 12, B) 18, C) 24, D) 30
Which of these Pokémon does not have a float in Melee's Poké Floats stage?A) Caterpie, B) Porygon, C) Seel, D) Wooper
In Brawl, which of the following Assist Trophies must be unlocked?A) Jeff, B) Isaac, C) Lyn, D) Waluigi
Which character does Meta Knight fight at the Glacial Peak in the Subspace Emissary mode?A) Captain Falcon, B) Falco, C) Lucario, D) Marth
Which of these enemies from the Legend of Zelda series does not appear in the Underground Maze in Melee's Adventure Mode?A) Dodongos B) Like Likes, C) Octoroks, D) ReDeads
In Melee, which character can be unlocked after completing 100-Man Melee?A) Falco, B) Ganondorf, C) Marth, D) Pichu
In which of the following games does Master Hand appear?A) Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, B) Mario Party 2, C) Pikmin, D) Yoshi's Island DS
Which of the following songs can be heard in Brawl's Mario Circuit stage?A) Daisy Cruiser, B) DK Mountain, C) Toad's Turnpike, D) Waluigi Pinball
Which of the following Fire Emblem characters appears as a sticker in Brawl?A) Jaffar, B) Ninian, C) Rebecca, D) Sain
Which of the following characters has the fewest alternate costumes in Melee?A) Captain Falcon, B) Kirby, C) Ness, D) Yoshi
In Melee, what is the largest amount of coins that can be spent on a single trophy in the lottery?A) 10, B) 15, C) 20, D) 25
On what reality show did Melee champion Ken Hoang compete in 2008?A) The Amazing Race, B) American Idol, C) Big Brother, D) Survivor
How many times can a single ray gun be fired in the original game?A) 12, B) 14, C) 16, D) 18
Which Star Fox character does Snake talk to if he attempts to contact the colonel while facing Falco?A) Fox McCloud, B) Krystal, C) Peppy Hare, D) Slippy Toad
How many pit stops does the fighting platform make in a lap on Melee's Mute City stage?A) 4, B) 5, C) 6, D) 7
Which of these composers did not contribute to Brawl's soundtrack?A) Koji Kondo, B) Shoji Meguro, C) Yasunori Mitsuda, D) Yoko Shimomura
Which of these items can Peach randomly pull from the ground instead of a vegetable?A) Fan, B) Lip's Stick, C) Mr. Saturn, D) Super Scope
How much damage does Marth's 'Critical Hit' Final Smash deal?A) 30%, B) 40%, C) 50%, D) 60%
Who is the first opponent that the player faces in the original game's single-player mode?A) Fox, B) Link, C) Mario, D) Samus
In Melee, which of these trophies is not obtained through a 'Trophy Tussle' event match?A) Entei, B) Goomba, C) Majora's Mask, D) Metroid
Which of the following characters can deal damage by taunting?A) Ganondorf, B) Luigi, C) Pit, D) Wolf
In Brawl, which of the following stages is not unlocked through an Event match?A) 75m, B) Hanenbow, C) Mario Bros., D) Spear Pillar

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