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Can you name the owners of each spell card listed?

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Forced Order
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Spell CardCharacter
Bird Sign 'Mysterious Song'
Bounded Field 'Mesh of Light and Darkness'
Bumper Crop 'Promise of the Wheat God'
Cold Sign 'Lingering Cold'
Colorful Sign 'Extreme Color Typhoon'
Confusion 'Into Delirium'
Darkness Sign 'Foggy London Dolls'
Death Sign 'Ghastly Dream'
Divine Treasure 'Salamander Shield'
Drunkard's Walk 'Cat Random Walk'
'Fantasy Heaven'
Far-sightedness 'Tengu Psychography'
Fire & Earth Sign 'Lava Cromlech'
Fist 'Falling Sky Hammer'
Flawed Sign 'Broken Amulet'
Flickering Light 'Fatal Flash'
Firefly Sign 'Meteor on Earth'
Flower Sign 'Reflowering of the Gensokyo'
Forbidden Arcanum 'Hourai Elixir'
Forgiveness 'Honest Man's Death'
Great Magic 'Devil's Recitation'
Harbor Sign 'Ghost Ship's Port'
Horror 'Well-bucket-dropping Monster'
Ice Sign 'Icicle Fall'
'Illusionary Dominance'
Jealousy Sign 'Green-Eyed Monster'
Judgement 'Guilty or Not Guilty'
Keystone 'Sky's Spiritual Stone'
Leaf Sign 'Falling Leaves of Madness'
Love Sign 'Master Spark'
Malice Sign 'Irresolute, Bound Spirit'
Spell CardCharacter
Miasma 'Unexplained Fever'
Midnight Sign 'Demon King Cradle'
Miracle 'Night of the Supernova Storm'
Moon Sign 'Luna Cyclone'
Mountain Nomad 'Expellee's Canaan'
Native God 'Seven Stones and Seven Trees'
Night Sign 'Night Bird'
Noise Sign 'Soul Noise Flow'
Oni Sign 'Blue Oni Red Oni'
Oni's Voice 'Annihilating Roar'
Owing Sign 'Vulnerary of Ohnamuji-sama'
Phantasmal Bullet 'Illusion Parallax (Bluff Barrage)'
Qi of Oni 'Deep Fog Labyrinth'
Rain Sign 'A Rainy Night's Ghost Story'
Recollection 'Terrible Souvenir'
Search Sign 'Gold Detector'
Secret Barrage 'And Then Will There Be None?'
Shikigami 'Dakini's Heavenly Possession'
Shroud Sign 'Rain in Showa'
Six Realms Sword 'Ageless Obsession'
Snake Sign 'Ground Serpent'
Star Light 'Light Dragon's Sigh'
Star Sign 'Starlight Rain'
String Performance 'Guarneri del Gesù'
Subconscious 'Rorschach in Danmaku'
'Subterranean Sun'
Treasure Sign 'Dazzling Gold'
Trumpet Ghost 'Hino Phantasm'
Unidentified 'Red Cloak, Blue Cloak'
Void 'Inflation Square'
Water Sign 'Kappa's Flash Flood'

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