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Can you name the phrases that are abbreviated P. P.?

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Pretending to be dead in order to avoid attention
Award for journalism, literature, and music administerd by Columbia University
The best starting position in a motorsport
Story by J. M. Barrie about a boy who wouldn't grow up
Reproductive health organization established in 1916
Allegedly picked a peck of pickled peppers
States that if you have n items placed in m containers, with m less than n, one container must have multiple items
Author of the His Dark Materials trilogy
Player for the Boston Celtics who won the 2008 NBA Finals MVP award
Indicates that a letter is signed on behalf of someone else
Cartoon character with the catch phrase 'Th-th-th-that's all folks!'
Microsoft Office program used for making presentations
A sheath designed to hold writing utensils that often indicates that the wearer is a 'nerd'
Spider-Man's secret identity
Film series about a French detective named Jacques Clouseau
The second most expensive property in the standard American version of Monopoly
Leader of the Khmer Rouge
Sci-fi themed restaurant from the movie Toy Story
Nut-based dessert that is commonly enjoyed during the holliday season
'I,' 'they,' and 'she,' for example
'Since yesterday,' 'under the desk,' and 'inside the house,' for example
Alakazam, Hypno, and Mewtwo, for example
NL Central team that plays in PNC Park
A situation in ice hockey where one team has a numerical advantage
Also known as 'table tennis'

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