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Can you name the video games by the first and last letters of each word?

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LettersVideo Game
Fe Em
Wd of Go
Ml Kt
Ca: Sy of te Nt
So te Dn
Cu Cu Ld
Dg Dg
Te Wd Es wh Yu
Sw of te Cs
Jt Fe Gi
Dd Rg
Gd Tt Ao
Vl Je
Bn: Am Am
To Sr Bl
Pe of Pa: Te Ss of Te
LettersVideo Game
Ky Sr Sr
Mx Pe
Tm ad El
Gn To
Sr Sh Bs Me
De De Rn
Rr Cy Rm
Dl My Cy
Dy Kg Cy
Ps vs Zs
St of Ma
Px Wt: Ae Ay
Sr Ws: Ks of te Od Rc
Ki Dy
Wi Ss
Sr My Bl

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