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Can you name the thing's mentioned in Bastion's 'Stranger's Dream' DLC?

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A is forThe goddess of oath and abandon. Make a promise, and the Chastened Maid will hold you to it.
B is forHe's faster than a fork of lightnin', and his aim is always true. If news needs spreadin', tell it to a _____.
C is forA perfect bit of stone found deep undergound. It makes the City shine, day and night. Is there anythin' it can't do?
D is forA potent spirit brewed from a foul smellin' plant that grows in the Wilds. One taste will sharpen your senses.
E is forIn an emergency, stay calm, leave your belongings, and make your way to the nearest safe haven.
F is forA solid plot of land for buildin' anything you can imagine. Even grand ideas start small.
G is forThe god of purpose and folly. The Crippled Duke reminds us that good intentions are nothin' on their own.
H is forGoddess of pain and pleasure. You can't have one without the other. The Veiled Widow will make sure of it.
I is forA song grown famous across the land, dedicated to the pioneerin' spirit of Caelondia.
J is forThe god of health and atrophy. We each have the Tower Keeper's strength in us, until that strength runs out.
K is forA guy or gal just like you. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up, since there's nothin' a _____ can't do.
L is forGod of hope and despair. The Mason King knows success and failure are all in the mind.
M is forOur goddess of loss and longing. We all are born from the Lorn Mother, and in the end, we all return to her.
N is forWho's always there to bring a smile to the Hangin' Gardens, thanks to his feathered friends.
O is forOur young god of chance and whim. The Carefee Son lives forever in the moment. The rest of us can only try.
P is forGod of commotion and order. When the Wakeful Bull is calm, let's all do our part to keep 'im that way.
Q is forThe notorious Anklegator of the Wilds. She can even dig her way into rotten children's dreams.
R is forGod of thirst and plenty. The Gorgin' Host always reminds us to know when we've had enough.
S is forA big lumpy ol' fella sidlin' about. He loves eatin' trash. Just be sure to keep a healthy distance from him.
T is forThe army's sharpest shooters. Take pride in Caelondia's mounted soldiers; they risk it all to keep us safe.
U is forOur pale neighbors to the east, whose home is underground. Each day we learn to live in harmony.
V is forAn act of remembrance. The sacrifices of our forefathers gave us a new beginning here in Caelondia.
W is forThe Langston River's fastest little ferry barge. We couldn't have crossed the river without her help.
Y is forGod of impulse and bravery. Each time the Mornin' Stallion stamps his hoof, somebody out there makes up his mind.
Z is forA tough old wood whose gourds make great target practice. Whatever you do...don't eat 'em.

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