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Can you name the words that are also types of fish?

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An object on which a bird rests
To press lightly
The bottom of a foot
In a low-pitched range of sounds
Play about a Danish prince
Hairstyle in which the hair is cut short in the front, and grown long in the back
San Jose hockey player
The first player to touch the ball in most American football plays
A portion of a line that extends infinitely in one direction
To melt or fuse ores
Spanish for 'pretty'
Prefix meaning 'four'
Snack cracker available in flavors such as cheddar, pizza, and pretzel
A toll road, or a type of pole-arm
Can follow 'roller' or 'ice'
To proceed clumsily
To singe
Nickname of Hall of Fame Pitcher Hunter
Abstract expressionist painter Jackson
Someone who repairs shoes, or a type of dessert

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