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Can you name the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Knowledge?

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Greg's Pen Pal from France
Where is Greg sitting in his Road Trip?
Which of Gregs Brothers Is Younger?
What is the name of Rowley's Girlfriend?
In which book does Greg sell Fitness Water?
What Boy told Greg about someone that jumped super high?
What food was smuggled from Hardscrabble Farms?
What bug's eyes are 'High Tech Cameras'?
On the cover of 'Hard Luck', what is raining?
What is the surname of Holly and Heather?
Whose Country Club did Greg go to?
In 'Dog Days', which two of the Heffleys get fish?
In 'Dog Days', What is the name of the ride on the beach Boardwalk?
What is Greg's Mum called?
What was Greg's dog called?
How did Greg's fish die?
What is the name of the weird kid at school?

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