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Reformations, Immigration, Elections

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Who championed women's education and the antislavery movement?
Name one brilliant reformer
Oberlin College was the first to admit which two groups of people?
The Mormons founded what city in Utah?
What did women break by entering factories?
What kind of slaves were in the North?
What kind of slaves were in the South?
What connected the East and West coasts?
What war caused the Mormons to be back in America?
What did the Irish try to escape from by immigrating?
What did the Germans try to escape from by immigrating?
Who did Van Buren go against in the election of 1840?
What type of voting style did the Mormons have?
List one thing immigration led to
Which immigrating group was viewed negatively by the American people?
Who anonymously authored the 'S.C. Exposition'?
Who defended New England in the Webster/Hayne Debate?
Who formed the Whig Party?
Name one of the five 'Civilized Tribes'
Who dressed as a woman to smuggle plans for a textile mill?

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