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Questions on Andrew Jackson's presidency

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Who did Jackson rely on after his cabinet members resigned?
What did people like about Jackson?
Who did Jackson rescue?
What presidental power did Jackson use more than any other president?
Who did Jackson defeat in 1832?
What kind of leader did people fear Jackson would become?
What were two things that impacted Jackson's presidency?
What was the name of Jackson's wife?
Who did Jackson pick as his successor in 1836?
Jackson was known as the '______ man's president'
His feud with Clay caused him to veto the _____ Road
What did Jackson threaten to 'kill'?
What political party was Jackson in?
Who was Jackson's first vice president?
Who was Jackson's second vice president?
Where did Jackson put the federal deposits after attacking the BUS?
What was Jackson's nickname?
What third-party group formed from Jackson's influence?
What kind of vote did Jackson win in 1823?
Jackson increased the power of the president at the expense of what groups?

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