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WW1 Ends
**** opens the Reichstag in Weimar
Battle of Munic
The Weimar Constitution is announced
The Kapp Putsch
The Kapp Putsch ends
Adolf Hitler assumes leadership of the NSDAP
Hitler and SA disrupt speech, Hitler arrested
Hitler sentenced to 3 months
Hitler released from prison
France occupies the Ruhr
Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler sent to jail
Retenmark issued
Dr Stresemann leaves office
Dawes Plan agreed by Reichstag
Hitler released from jail
Nazi Party reformed
Reich President **** dies
Locarno Treaty signed
Germany + Soviet Union sign Berlin Treaty
Germany enters League of Nations
Kellogg-Briand Pact signed
Black Thursday stock market crash
French troops leave the Rhineland
Reichstag dissolved; first emergency degree by president
Reichstag elections; gains by Nazi Party
Reichstag elections where the Nazi Party become the biggest party
Franz Von Papen leaves office
Kurt Von Schleicher Cabinet
Kurt Von Schleicher leaves office
Hitler is Chancellor of Germany

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