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Which of Jake's babies doesn't have a face?
What is Finn's greatest fear?
What animal is Jake's biggest fanatic?
What pattern is Ice King's blanket?
Where does Shelby the Worm live?
What do Finn and Jake call Sausages?
What does Princess Bubblegum ride?
What is Ice King's real name?
What episode is 'I Floop the Pig' from?
What is the name of Princess Bubblegum's pet rat?
Who is Finn's alter ego?
Who is LSP's ex boyfriend?
What did Marceline's dad eat of hers?
Who is Finn's girlfriend?
What does N.E.P.T.R. stand for?
What gender is Gunter?
Who said,'I am looking fresh to death with my new dress and purse'
Who is Finn's hero?
What do demons from the Nightosphere poop?
Who is B-MO's alter ego?

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