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Can you name the Saint Patrick's Day-related words with only the letters S, T, P, A, R, I, C, K showing?

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Word with ONLY S, T, P, A, R, I, C, KWordHint
_ A R _ _The month of St. Patrick's feast day
R A I _ _ _ _A pot of gold may be found at the end of this colorful arch
_ I _ _ _ _An instrument used to play lively folk music
S _ A K _Animal that St. Patrick banished from Ireland
C _ I C A _ _The American city that dyes their river green every St. Patricks day
_ _ _ I _ A _Christmas, or Easter, for example
_ _ _ _ I _The capital city of Ireland
_ _ _ _ R I C KPoem with the rhyme pattern AABBA
_ _ _ RAn alcoholic drink, made of yeast-fermented malt
P _ T A T _A starchy vegetable eaten lots in Ireland
_ _ C K'____ of the Irish!'
_ _ P R _ C _ A _ _A small, mischievous magical creature
P A R A _ _A public march, especially on a holiday
_ R _ _ _Color associated with St. Patrick's Day
_ R _ _ A _ _Country where St. Patrick died
_ A R _ An instrument on Ireland's coat of arms
_ _ I T _ _ / K I _ _ _ _ _Country where St. Patrick was born
S _ A _ R _ C KThe national emblem of Ireland
_ _ _ _ _ R A T I _ _Bash, festival, ceremony
_ I _A lively dance; hop

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