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Can you name the Skyrim unique weapons?

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5 Points Frost/Stamina DamageRaldbthar
NoneRiften (take it to Andurs in Whiterun)
NoneAngi's Camp
NoneSacellum of Boethiah
Absorb 10 Points of HealthAstrid's Corpse/Abandoned Shack
Captures souls of enemies killed in 3 secondsHag's End
25 Stamina Damage/Fear for 30 secondsBloated Man's Grotto
NoneJourneyman's Nook
20 Extra Damage to AnimalsClearspring Cave
5-30 Points of Frost damage/ParalysisMercer Frey's House
Burns 10 Points, explodes undeadStatue to Meridia
Creates Wall of FireForelhost
Creates Wall of LightningSkuldafn/Portal to Sovngarde
Deals Extra Damage to DragonsSky Haven Temple
Absorb 15 StaminaLabyrinthian Draugr
NoneRatway Vaults
Absorb Life Essence, Strengthened by betrayalDragonsreach Basement
Takes 10 frost damage to Health/StaminaVolunruud
40 points of Damage in a 15 foot radiusAwarded by Melka
20 points of Frost Damage, 50 points SlowCastle Dour
NoneHigh Hrothgar/Honeyside Porch
10 Points Stamina DamageGraywinter Watch
All up to level 4 attack everythingCrystaldrift Cave
Absorb 10 Points HealthFolgunthur
Drain MagickaGeirmund's Hall
Ignores Armor, 3 points of extra damageAnsilvund Excavation
15 points of Frost damage to Health/StaminaMzinchaleft
Soul Trap/Pacify for 60 secondsHalldir's Cairn
Wall of LightningValthume
NoneQuest Starting in Old Hroldan Inn
Scales DragonsRadiant, near Dragon Priests
Absorb 10 points Health, Magicka, StaminaArniel's Endeavor (Quest)
NoneEast Empire Company, Honeyside, Faldar's Tooth
Does 25 damage to Stamina/Magicka, soul trapMarkarth
Chance for Instant KillShrine of Mehrunes Dagon
Extra Damage to Supernatural FoesOrphan Rock
Absorb 25 points Stamina/HealthWinterhold/From Karliah
Freezes for 30 Points/Shocks for 15Irkngthand
Raises Smithing, 6 shock damageThroat of the World
10 Frost Damage to Health/StaminaVolunruud
3 Extra Damage to AnimalsHalted Stream Camp
NoneRadiant/Oengul War-Anvil's Quest
Undead are set aflame; flee for 30 secondsRed Eagle Redoubt
Burns Targets for 6 PointsRebel's Cairn
25 Stamina DamageRimerock Burrow
Summons a Dremora LordFrom Lord Sanguine
NoneFallowstone Cave
NoneCidhna Mine
20 Points of Damage, increased to 50 if powered by dreamsNightcaller Temple
Controls Aicanter's SpiderCalcelmo's Laboratory/Museum
Flee for 60 SecondsWinterhold
Creates a Wall of Fire doing 50 damageDarklight Tower
25 Points of Damage, 2x Magicka DamageSaarthal
Absorb 25 Magicka, and then HealthLabyrinthian
Calms Creatures/People up to level 12Quest Arniel's Endeavor
Faster Swing/LighterLiar's Retreat
Creatures and people flee for 30 secondsFrostmere Crypt
NoneNorth of Pinewatch
Burns Trolls for 15 DamageWest of Cradle Stone Tower, East of Valthume
25% Chance of a Critical HitMoss Mother Cavern
Absorb 50 points of StaminaLargashbur
Casts a Random SpellThe mind of Pelagius III
Bash Attacks Knock Enemies DownKatariah
Especially Deadly to ElvesThe Underforge

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