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A- This song from 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' was originally banned from broadcast by the BBC for a supposed drug reference in the line 'I'd love to turn you on'
B- Longtime manager of the group
C- Club in their hometown where they were 'discovered'
D- Record Label who famously turned down the group for a recording contract
E- The show they appeared on that launched the 'British Invasion'
F- Last name of the actress said to have partly inspired 'Sexy Sadie'
G- Where did John and Yoko wed in 1969?
H- The word 'Beatles' is never mentioned in this 1964 movie starring the group
I- Country the group travelled to for instruction in transcendental meditation
J- John's firstborn son's name
K- This rhythm and blues song, named after a city in the USA, was used as the first portion of a 2-part medley on 'Beatles for Sale.'
L- English city where the boys grew up
M- Paul's beloved dog, who inspired a 1968 song from 'The White Album'
N- This song first appeared on the 1965 album 'Rubber Soul.' It was the first example of a rock band using the sitar in one of its songs.
O- Middle name that John adopted in 1969
P- George's first wife
Q- Earlier group John helped form
R- Ringo's birth name
S- The original bass player
T- This final track from 'Revolver' got its name from one of Ringo's famous 'Ringoisms'
U- On the album cover for 'Beatles '65,' the men are holding this accessory
V- Paul, George, and Ringo all adopted this healthy eating lifestyle in their lives
W- John's middle name, given at birth
X- One of the 26 instruments that George played
Y- He was a spiritual advisor to the band, starting in 1967
Z- Ringo's firstborn child, with Maureen Cox

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