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The only gay in the village of Llanddewi Brefi*
The only remaining Grand Duke to rule a sovereign nation
The only member of ZZ Top not to have a beard
The only person to win eight gold medals in a single Olympics
The only player to win 3 FIFA World Cup finals with his team
The only American president to serve two non-consecutive terms
The 'Only the Lonely' singer
The only person to become both vice-president and president of the USA without being elected for either position
The only person to light the cauldron and win a gold medal in the same Olympics
The only person to write the national anthem of two nations
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The only player to have scored 100 points in a single NBA match
The only cyclist to win all three major jerseys in the same Tour de France
The only fictitious person to be nominated for an Oscar*
The only actor to win an Oscar for portraying an Oscar winning actor
the only musician to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times
The only player to win 3 UEFA Champions League finals with three different teams
The only person featured on U.S. currency not born in the U.S.A.**
The only person in NBA history to win both the Most Valuable Player and Coach of the Year awards
The only person to win both a nobel prize and an academy award
The only player to represent 3 national teams on 3 different FIFA World Cups

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